Importance Of The Sciatic Nerve

23The nerf sciatique is known to be the largest nerve in the entire human body, and this runs to the spine down to the lower extremities. Its function is you feel any movement done by the major parts of the body, for example moving the hamstrings, lower leg, and the foot while you’re exercising. The term Sciatica is a disorder that caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve like numbness, tingling of the lower extremities and pain on these areas.


This is located at the lower portion of the back down to the buttocks and spreads out in two branches. The particular branch- that provides a never function towards the hip joint. Furthermore, spreads to the muscular branch wherein it extends to the thigh muscles that splits into the tibial and peroneal nerve.


Sciatica is a disorder that causes irritation to the sciatic nerve that produces pain. It results from a herniated disc which it presses the lumbar region. However, as this progresses, it can also damage the nerve making it have an infection, injury, and tumor. And if there is damage to the sciatic nerve, it can lead to a more serious case will lead to a surgical intervention such as hip replacement or a hip surgery. If the sciatic nerve does progress into a more complicated disorder, that results in a sciatic palsy or even paralysis.


There are so many alternative ways for treatment and medication to alleviate the pain of the nerf sciatique that makes an individual productive again with his daily living. Consulting a physician such as a chiropractic doctors to help and assist you with the treatment. Most prescribe medications are muscle relaxants, pain relievers, non-steroidal medications to soothe the pain, numbness, and inflammation. Passive to active range of motion is provided as well to strengthen the bones and muscles.