The Flash Season 3 Episode 9: What to Expect

If there is one interesting thing that viewers should look forward to with the flash season 3 episode 9, it would be the consequence of the actions that Barry made when it comes to creating the Flashpoint. The crossover with the Arrow, Supergirl, as well as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will deal with the consequence of Barry’s manipulation of the timeline and how it has generally changed the course of history as it is now,


At present, the team is trying to battle the alien Dominators due to how they are now poised to attack and invade the earth again due to these timeline tweaks are done by the Speedster. It is expected that for this particular episode, the many consequences that resulted from the Flashpoint that Barry made will be highlighted as there were, after all, a lot of consequences that came off of it.


For one, there is the case of Caitlin Snow getting ice powers and becoming Killer Frost, There is also the fact that the brother of Cisco Ramon, Dante, died. A somewhat similar thing happened to John Diggle too. He was supposed to have a daughter but now, he has a son instead. Also, the newspaper in the future no longer has Iris West on the byline. Indeed, a lot of things were affected by Barry’s tweaking of the timeline.


The execute producer for The Flash’s Season 3’ episode 9 Andrew Kreisberg, has made the confirmation about how there are going to be a lot more complications that will be the direct result of Barry’s Flashpoint. As these complications and threats arise, Barry and the rest of the team are going to have to work their way into sorting them out.


There is also going to be a great deal of discussion about the involvement of the Arrow team and its characters in the flashpoint. This is, after all, the reason for the crossover for the flash season 3 episode 9.